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Saying Goodnight To Neck Pain

on : June 10, 2022 comments : (Comments Off on Saying Goodnight To Neck Pain)

Is your neck pain keeping you awake at night? Do you wake up in the morning with pain and neck stiffness? If the answer is yes, your sleeping position and postural issues may be the culprit. Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos is a chiropractor in Selden NY that is here to help you say goodnight to your neck pain and find some much-needed relief! Continue reading to learn more! 

Saying Goodnight to Neck Pain

Neck pain can be highly disruptive to your sleep. The neck needs to support the head, and if it is not aligned correctly throughout the day, it can cause soreness and make it impossible to get a good night’s rest. If neck pain is interfering with your comfort as you sleep, our chiropractor in Selden, NY would like to share some tips:

  • Daytime Prevention – One of the first ways you can avoid neck pain at night is to prevent it during the day. Setting up an ergonomic workstation and maintaining good head and neck posture can help prevent undue strain on your spine and muscles. Take posture breaks throughout the day, stand up, and stretch to reduce pain at bedtime. 
  • Change Sleeping Position – Your sleeping position may be worsening your neck pain. The stomach is the worst position for sleeping, as keeping your neck turned to the side can shift your spine and cause pain. Our chiropractor in Selden NY recommends sleeping on your back or side to protect yourself from everyday neck pain and misalignment. 
  • Use the Right Pillow – If you are a side sleeper, choose a slightly taller or thicker pillow to help align your neck with the rest of your spine. Back sleepers should use a thinner pillow. You could also sleep without a pillow to reset your body. 

Sometimes, simple lifestyle changes can help relieve neck pain. But if you have constant issues or physical limitations, a chiropractor can address any underlying issues and help you prevent future pain. 

Contact Our Chiropractor in Selden NY

If your neck pain continues despite following our recommendations, our experienced chiropractor in Selden NY can help you find relief. Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos provides comprehensive and effective chiropractic care to keep neck pain at bay and help you get that well-deserved rest. Be sure to contact us today to request an appointment!



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