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How does the position you sleep in affect your neck?

on : July 26, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on How does the position you sleep in affect your neck?)

A proper night’s sleep is critical for our health. But when poor sleep positioning becomes a factor, this can be challenging for patients. Our sleep habits are often overlooked, for example, the position we sleep in or even the stiffness of our pillows. While this may sound harmless, it can actually be detrimental for your […]

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Tech Neck

on : July 19, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Tech Neck)

Tech Neck is the pain in your neck that is caused by staring at your phone or computer for an elongated period of time. Most people do not realize that the weight of your head can cause an enormous amount of tension and stress on your neck. Constantly hanging your neck downwards can cause a […]

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