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Exercises You Can Do For The Spring

on : April 23, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Exercises You Can Do For The Spring)

With spring here, it’s important to get yourself in shape and remove any extra pounds put on during the winter season. In fact, spring is usually the most active time of the year in terms of physical exercise; people are either hitting the weights in gyms or actively participating in spring sports. It’s important that […]

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Can Running Help Strengthen Your Back?

on : April 9, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Can Running Help Strengthen Your Back?)

Running is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body. From strengthening your immune system to helping lose weight, running has long been hailed as the exercise to do. However, is there a case that running can strengthen the back? Many of the nuances and discomforts associated with back pain are […]

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Tips For Traveling With Neck/Back Pain

on : April 7, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Tips For Traveling With Neck/Back Pain)

Summer is in full swing! Whether your family is packing up the car for a weekend getaway or dusting off the suitcases for a few weeks abroad, it’s likely you’ll experience some type of travel discomfort. If you have pre-existing neck and back pain, there are steps you can take to prepare your body for […]

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