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Benefits Of Massage Therapy

on : January 26, 2021 comments : (Comments Off on Benefits Of Massage Therapy)

When people think about getting massages, it’s easy for your mind to jump primarily towards a spa. However, did you know that massages can also be used as a form of medical treatment? Here at Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos’ office, we understand this better than most. If you’re dealing with pain that won’t subside, our chiropractor […]

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Chiropractor In Setauket

Chiropractic Care For A Stiff Neck

on : January 12, 2021 comments : (Comments Off on Chiropractic Care For A Stiff Neck)

Have you recently been waking up with a stiff neck? Are you finding it currently impossible to correct this problem? If this sounds like you, our team at Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos’ office has the answer. Our chiropractor in Setauket can administer the chiropractic care necessary to alleviate stiffness and get your neck back to full […]

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