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The Importance Of Spine Health

on : October 9, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on The Importance Of Spine Health)

Have you ever stopped to think about how pivotal of a role your spine plays regarding your overall health? Acting as a structure of support for your whole body, the health of your spine should always be your top priority. At Dr. Sophia Argerogpoulos’ office, our team can make sure you remain upright and pain-free. […]

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Should I Go To A Chiropractor After A Minor Car Accident?

on : October 1, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on Should I Go To A Chiropractor After A Minor Car Accident?)

Being involved in a car accident can be a scary experience. Even a minor fender bender can leave a person dealing with pain for months. At Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos’ office, we will help patients dealing with issues that come from instances such as this one. That is why our chiropractor near Mt. Sinai implores that […]

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