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The following are only a few of our most common chiropractic services. If you do not see the desired treatment listed or are unsure if Roosevelt Chiropractic is right for your needs, please contact us for more information at (631) 473-8182.



In your consultation, Roosevelt Chiropractic will acquire medical history, symptoms, and current treatments. A chiropractic exam will then be performed. Laboratory tests such as an X-ray or MRI scan may be ordered if necessary in diagnosing your appropriate treatment.



An adjustment will use force by the doctor’s hands on the affected area to place your body in its proper positioning. This process normalizes spinal function and allows the body to heal and relieve discomfort.



Mobilization is a more gentle approach that achieves the same results as an adjustment. Whether an adjustment or mobilization is the right treatment for you will be determined at Roosevelt Chiropractic’s discretion based on the fragility of your joints.


Dr. Jack Zangara