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Importance of Good Posture

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Importance of Good Posture


Good posture is extremely important for proper back health. From lifting weights to sitting at your desk, proper posture is essential to one’s spinal condition. An individual is said to have good posture when their bones and joints are in proper alignment. If you’re in need of a chiropractor in Suffolk County, Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos can give you the treatment you need today! Having good posture is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Gives you a younger and better look.
  • Fosters better breathing.
  • Improves blood circulation and food digestion.
  • Keeps your muscles and joint in good position and state.
  • Portrays a better and more confident image.

 Having bad posture could stress your muscles and ligaments, causing overuse injuries.



Bad posture can be termed as an imbalanced alignment of the bones and joints in the body. This can be caused by chronic contraction and shortening of the postural muscles. When these contractions occurs, they require other muscles in the body to abnormally lengthen as a result in order to compensate. Constant poor posture habits can result in diminished spinal health.





It is advised to stand up straight in order to maintain good posture. Standing in this position for a long time could be exhausting because the muscles supporting the spinal cord and keeping it upright will become tired. These muscles will eventually relax causing the shoulder and spine to bend. The best way to prevent this is to not stay in a position for too long to prevent fatigue.




Since having good posture majorly depends on the muscles of the spine and leg, one’s posture could get worse as the person ages. These muscles become weaker as we age, making them ineffective in holding up our body’s weight. The only way to prevent this is by taking part in exercises that will strengthen these muscles.




Constant exercise is the best antidote for bad posture, as this will keep your body in the right form and will strengthen your muscles and joints. NHS recommends that every individual should indulge in about 150 minutes of exercise every day. This amount of exercise will keep you fit and your posture will be able to improve.




Bad postures at times is just hereditary. Scheuermann’s disease, which is hereditary, is a condition in which adolescent boys develop a severe kyphosis in their thoracic spine. In cases as serious as this, a doctor should be consulted.




Our day to day activities can influence our body posture without us even knowing it. A continuous repetition of different movements will make our body take up this bad posture, which will eventually become a part of how we walk, sit and stand.




Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos, our chiropractor in Suffolk County, will use the safest techniques to correct different spinal misalignments. We can diagnose the different alignments in your bones, joints, and spinal cord through different postural exam procedures.


Chiropractic care for bad posture is very efficient and the effects are long-lasting, as there is a well-designed chiropractic treatment plan. A chiropractor in Suffolk County can use some different techniques to correct bad posture:


  • Myofascial manipulation: bad posture can also be corrected by administering myofascial manipulation, which adjusts the contracted skeletal muscle that causes immobility and improper flow of blood and lymphatic fluid.


  • Spinal manipulation: this technique is commonly used, as it is highly effective. This form of manipulation often makes a ‘pop’ sound, as the hand applies a sudden controlled force to a joint while the body is positioned in a specific way. This helps in the re-alignment of the bones and joints in the body to foster a better posture.



  • Customized exercise: chiropractors can correct bad posture by also drafting out an exercise plan for their patients. These exercises are specially designed to suit each patient’s postural defect and help them to correct these bad postures.




  • Lifestyle modification: most bad postures are often developed as a result of our day to day activities. Postural defects like this are quite difficult to correct but with the proper counseling and lifestyle modification, such patient will gradually develop a better posture.



Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos is a chiropractor in Suffolk County who can treat your bad posture. Whether it’s from an accident or a chronic injury, we can help you with any condition you may have with the utmost care! For more information, contact us today!




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