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Joint Mobilization Techniques

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Joint Mobilization Techniques

Joint mobilization serves to restore accessory motions that are necessary for long-term functions and mobility. Mobilization is a more gentle technique than an adjustment and works to resolve any joint inflammation a patient may have. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Port Jefferson, Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos can work to mobilize your joints to increase your function and overall range of motion.

Why Mobilization?


Our chiropractor in Port Jefferson can choose mobilization over an adjustment for a variety of reasons. An adjustment is a less gentle approach, and if a patient is scared of “popping” sounds that might occur during an adjustment, they might decide to go with mobilization. If a patient has a sensitive nervous system, specific bone diseases, inflammatory arthritis, obesity, or any type of problem that can make proper positioning difficult for both, our chiropractor in Port Jefferson can decide to focus on mobilization. Lastly, mobilization will be elected if our patients are in severe pain and an adjustment would be too painful.


Mobilization uses slow movements with no twisting or thrusts to mobilize your joints. Mobilization is the primary technique to break down scar tissues, since an adjustment may be too aggressive.  


There are specific types of joint mobilization techniques. Each technique works to improve your range of motion and improve your everyday function. Common mobilization methods include:   


  • Activator method – This method uses a spring-loaded tool that puts out a low-force impulse. This tool performs muscle testing and adjusts extremity joints using the hand-held activator tool.


  • Cox flexion-distraction – This technique uses a slow rocking motion to work on the lower spine. This will mobilize the vertebrate by gently stretching the lower back.


  • Toggle drop – Toggle drop is effective because it uses gravity to apply the mobilization. This works by placing one hand on top of the other and pressing down firmly on a specific spinal area.

Joint mobilization is a gentle technique that will improve your range of motion to make you feel better. If you or anyone you know can benefit from joint mobilization, please have them contact our chiropractor in Port Jefferson today.



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