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Can Running Help Strengthen Your Back?

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Running is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body. From strengthening your immune system to helping lose weight, running has long been hailed as the exercise to do. However, is there a case that running can strengthen the back? Many of the nuances and discomforts associated with back pain are due to lack of support from tissues and muscles. Is your back pain becoming unbearable? Our chiropractor in Port Jefferson, Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos, can give you the pain-relief and satisfaction you need.

Benefits of Running

Benefits of Running

As noted, running provides your body and mind with an enormous amount of benefits. From clearer thinking to increased confidence, running will improve both your physical and mental states. Here are some of the more common benefits associated with running:

  • Increased circulation – Running can increase lung capacity and increase blood flow to areas of your body. This results in decreased levels of cholesterol, the removal of toxins from your body, and overall improved circulation.
  • Prevents disease – If you’re suffering from a chronic disease or illness, running can certainly help those with high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and other conditions. From aiding in weight loss and improving blood pressure, running can be the solution to your health problems.
  • Reduces stress – Stress can lead to a number of mood and health problems such as decreased quality in sleep and reduction in appetite. When you run your body is forced to exert energy and hormones which will prevent stress from accumulating.

Back Strengthening

One of the lesser-known benefits found from running is that it strengthens your back! When you run, you are engaging the muscles and tissues in and around your spine, namely, in your back. These muscles and tissues provide support for the spine, which is why when they’re weak, they provide less support for your back and spine. Running is a great preventative measure in terms of protecting yourself from back complications.

If you still feel that you could use the professional attention of Dr. Argeropoulos in order to get a better assessment of your back, let us help you today. Please contact our chiropractor in Port Jefferson today!

Can Running Help Strengthen Your Back?
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Can Running Help Strengthen Your Back?
Our chiropractor in Port Jefferson, Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos, can give you the pain-relief and satisfaction you need. Contact us today!



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