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Chiropractic Care For Joint Inflammation

on : December 20, 2019 comments : (Comments Off on Chiropractic Care For Joint Inflammation)

While many people associate chiropractors with back cracks or popping noises within the bones in your neck and back, there are a variety of treatment methods a chiropractor would employ. Each using varying degrees of force, chiropractors have numerous techniques to help manipulate your spine, joints, and muscles. Dr. Sophia Argeropoulus, a chiropractor in Setauket, knows how difficult living with joint inflammation can be for patients who suffer from this problem. By scheduling an appointment with Dr. Argeropoulus, we can help prevent and manage the negative impacts joint inflammation can have on your everyday life.    

Living With Arthritis

Arthritis is the inflammation and tenderness of one or more joints in your body. The two main symptoms associated with this condition include pain and stiffness of these joints.  To avoid this pain, those who suffer from arthritis will often not move the affected joint or hold it in a certain position for extended periods of time. Essentially, they hold the affected area in a comfortable position. Though this offers short term relief, the repercussions of this action can be long-standing. Permanent damage can occur if held in one position long enough, leading to total immobilization of the joint. By visiting your chiropractor in Setauket, we can help reduce your joint inflammation and potentially increase your quality of life.

How Seeing a Chiropractor in Setauket Can Help

When looking to provide treatment, chiropractors will focus on the body’s relationship between structure and function for optimal results. Chiropractic care is primarily used as an alternative method of relief for muscle, joint, and bone pain to increase your degrees of comfort. Everything in your body is connected, and if one part is not functioning properly, it can forcibly cause harm to others. Chiropractic care specializes in promoting these functions for optimal care. By performing spinal adjustments and manipulations, Dr. Argeropoulus can ensure your body is in proper/optimal alignment.  Even the slightest imbalance within the body can put unnatural pressure on your joints, causing or increasing inflammation. However, spinal manipulation is just one of many methods that can be used to help treat joint inflammation. Other forms of care may include some of the following:

  • Massage Therapy.
  • Electronic Muscle Stimulation.
  • Exercise and Nutritional Programs. 

Dr. Sophia Argeropoulus:
Dr. Sophia Aregeropoulus, a chiropractor in Setauket, has been providing chiropractic care to the Suffolk County community since 1985. With over 34 years of experience under her belt, you can be sure she will administer top-quality care to help reduce your joint inflammation. By contacting her office today, you can manage the condition that over 54 million adults in the United States suffer from each year.



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