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Snow Shoveling Safety

on : February 1, 2023 comments : (Comments Off on Snow Shoveling Safety)

Snow shoveling is an unfortunate chore that comes around every winter. While it may not seem very demanding, long hours of clearing walkways can be physically taxing and lead to severe pain. Our chiropractor in East Setauket NY sees patients suffering from shoveling-related aches and pains every winter. Continue reading to discover some snow shoveling safety tips from Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos!

Snow Shoveling Safety 

Snow shoveling is an often unavoidable activity during the icy Long Island winters! While you may not give this tedious chore much thought, shoveling snow could lead to debilitating pain or back injuries requiring treatment from a chiropractor in East Setauket NY. Shoveling requires extended periods of repetitive motion that can cause back pain and strain if you aren’t careful. However, Dr. Argeropoulos would like to share some shoveling safety tips that can help you avoid pain this winter:

  • Proper Technique – It’s best to push the snow around rather than lift it whenever possible. If you need to pick up heavy loads, keep your knees bent and feet shoulder-width apart. Keep the heavy shovel close to your body, and turn your entire body toward where you need to drop the snow. Avoid lifting the snow over your shoulder to limit stress and strain on your spine. 
  • Warm Up – While shoveling may not seem like a lot of exercise, you should still warm up the same as you would before a workout. Getting your blood flowing and heart rate up can help your body prepare for intense labor and avoid injuries. 
  • Take Breaks – It can take hours to clear your driveways and walking areas, so take frequent breaks during your time outdoors to avoid overstressing your body. If you start to feel pain, rest immediately to avoid worsening your symptoms. 

You may feel sore after some hours outside shoveling, but you should never be left in intense pain. If you experience pain or believe you are injured, it’s best to consult with a chiropractor in East Setauket to ensure prompt treatment.

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Snow is bound to be present in the upcoming weather forecasts, so follow Dr. Argeropoulos’ snow shoveling safety guidelines to avoid pain and injuries this winter! Be sure to contact our chiropractor in East Setauket to learn more about snow safety tips and request an appointment for chiropractic care!



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