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Is Stress Causing Your Back Pain?

on : September 16, 2022 comments : (Comments Off on Is Stress Causing Your Back Pain?)

Stress can affect your body in numerous ways, from headaches and mood swings to changes in weight. One of the most commonly overlooked side effects of stress is back pain, and repeated bouts of anxiety can cause musculoskeletal issues throughout the body. Back pain is one of the prime reasons people seek treatment from our chiropractor in Miller Place NY. Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos can take a comprehensive chiropractic approach to determine the root cause of your pain and correct it. Continue reading to discover how stress can contribute to back pain!

Is Stress Causing Your Back Pain?

Most people believe that back pain originates from an event that causes injury to the body. While this is one reason you could be experiencing back pain, stress can be another factor. Feeling stressed or anxious activates a response in the body that causes tension in order to fight or flee from perceived danger. This response creates chemical changes in the body, resulting in muscle tension and pain. Any muscles in your body can be altered by stress, but the back often bears a lot of the brunt. Here are some reasons why bouts of stress could be causing your back pain:

  • Neck and Shoulder Pain – If we feel stressed, we commonly hold our shoulders in a raised position. The muscles in these areas become shortened and tight, which can lead to soreness and aches. 
  • Mid Back – Stress can lead you to take short and shallow breaths as you breathe through your chest and diaphragm. This can impact the mid-back muscles as shallow breaths cause the muscles to tighten. 
  • Lower Back – When under stress, your posture and behaviors can change. Stress can also cause you to exercise less, increasing your risk of developing lower back pain. Stress related lower back pain can cause tender points in the muscles, sleeping problems, and back stiffness. 

Your emotions and physical health are closely linked, and repeated bouts of stress can lead to chronic back pain. If you are living with elevated stress, our chiropractor in Miller Place NY can help identify your triggers and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to alleviate your stress and soothe back pain. 

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Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos is a chiropractor in Miller Place NY who specializes in treating stress-related musculoskeletal pain. If you are interested in finding ways to manage your stress and unlock your body’s potential, be sure to contact Dr. Argeropoulos today!



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