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How Can A Chiropractor Help With Back Pain?

on : August 17, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on How Can A Chiropractor Help With Back Pain?)

Dealing with back pain can be strenuous to manage on your own. When you’re unable to move around without copious amounts of discomfort, completing everyday tasks can be next to impossible. Here at Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos’ office, we do not want to see this happen to you. That is why our chiropractor in Port Jefferson will provide you with the treatment needed to get you back to full strength.

Common Causes Of Back Pain

When it comes to back pain, many different culprits can be to blame. Fortunately, our chiropractor in Port Jefferson can help correct them and mitigate your symptoms of pain. If you find yourself dealing with any of the below, consider reaching out to our team:

  • Muscle or ligament strains.
  • Herniated or ruptured disks.
  • Certain types of arthritis.
  • Skeletal irregularities.
  • Osteoporosis.

Chiropractic Care For Back Pain

Depending on the severity of your symptoms and the type of condition you are dealing with, there are many different ways our chiropractor in Port Jefferson can help you. Oftentimes, it is an alignment issue that is causing your back pain. To correct this, our chiropractor will apply pressure to specific parts of the body to get everything back in place. In addition to hands-on uses of force, your treatment may also consist of:

  • Massage therapy.
  • Nutritional advice.
  • Therapeutic stretches and exercises.

Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

When it comes to treating back pain, there are many different routes you can take. However, here at Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos’ office, we recommend you put chiropractic care at the top of your list. There are many benefits to be had by working with our chiropractor in Port Jefferson, including the below:

  • Avoids the need for complication filled treatments like invasive surgery and the use of potentially addictive medication.
  • Improves mobility, function, and health.
  • Loosens tight muscles.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • It helps to speed up your recovery process.

Schedule An Appointment

At Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos’ office, our team is well versed in treating back pain. If you’ve recently started dealing with this issue, or find that it is a common occurrence, our team will still be able to help. For more information about chiropractic care for back pain, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!



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