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Common Neck and Back Injuries for Basketball Players

on : February 10, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on Common Neck and Back Injuries for Basketball Players)

When people think of injuries in basketball, they often think of ankle or knee injuries from jumping and making sudden changes in direction or speed. While the knees and ankles are specific areas of exposure on the court, your neck and back could also be susceptible to injury. Having to endure the stressful sporadic movement that basketball demands, your neck, and spine could suffer as a result. Turning and twisting with every basket may leave you on the sideline if not properly treated. In many cases, back or neck pain associated with exercise can be alleviated with the help of a chiropractor. Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos is a chiropractor in East Setauket with 35 years of practice experience and is both ready and willing to help patients manage their back pain.

Common Injuries: 

To gain a better understanding of what injuries your neck and back could sustain while playing basketball, below are some of the common neck/back injuries associated with the sport and how they are often treated:

  • Spasms Spasms are sudden, painful, unwanted muscle contractions that come from overuse or exposure to heavy or excessive force. Back and neck spasms are common in basketball players due to the muscles being overworked while rebounding and shooting. The pain and frequency of spasms can be halted with stretching, massaging, and ice or heat therapy.
  • Strains – Muscle strains are most commonly seen in the lower back or neck and occur when the muscle is overstretched or over-worked without being given proper rest. Basketball players are rarely given the chance to give their muscles ample time to recover, making strains a common ailment in the sport. Back and neck strains can usually be treated with the RICE method but may require physical therapy or even surgery in severe cases.
  • Herniated Disc – This occurs when the small discs between the vertebrae are moved out of place due to sudden movement or overuse. Herniated discs can be painful but symptoms are often able to be managed with massage, acupuncture, ice/heat therapy, and rest.

Visit a Chiropractor in East Setauket: 

Back and neck injuries are extremely common in basketball players, but they don’t need to keep you on the sidelines any longer. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in East Setauket for your back pain, don’t hesitate to visit Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos. In many cases, these injuries only get worse when left untreated. Spinal manipulation through chiropractic care is a safe, and healthy way to tackle back pain head-on.
If you want to get back on the court, but you’re struggling with your back pain, let a chiropractor in East Setauket help. Since 1985 Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos has specialized in relieving pain from injuries such as herniated discs and strains. Book an appointment today!



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