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Chiropractic For Scoliosis

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Even though most scoliosis cases are mild, medical attention must be given right away to prevent the condition from worsening. Although several treatment options can manage this, sometimes the non-invasive ones offer the most benefits to the patients. That is why we recommend working with our team here at Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos’ office. We can provide the chiropractic care for scoliosis needed to improve one’s condition.

What Is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a term used to describe the improper curvature of the spine often diagnosed in patients right before puberty. This condition mustn’t be left unchecked, as even if it starts mild, it can quickly divulge into a more serious issue. That is why when the below symptoms begin to be noticed; medical treatment should be sought right away:

  • Uneven shoulders.
  • Uneven waist.  
  • One hip being set higher than the other.
  • One shoulder blade sticks out from the back more than the other.

Potential Complications

To ensure patients take this condition seriously, our team wants to call out the potential complications patients should be aware of. Although it is easy to assume a curving of the spine is nothing more than a cosmetic issue, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As scoliosis worsens, it can have severe consequences for your overall health. Examples of the complications chiropractic care for scoliosis will work to prevent:

  • Extreme curving can cause your ribcage to press against your lungs, causing problems breathing.
  • Excessive curving can lead to ribs pressing against the heart, leading to circulation issues.
  • Increased likelihood of developing chronic back pain over time.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

The primary function of chiropractic is to correct spinal misalignments. Since scoliosis is a condition centered around this, it makes perfect sense to seek chiropractic care to manage symptoms. Chiropractic adjustments involve placing manual pressure on specific parts of the body to promote realignment. By coming in for regular appointments, your symptoms related to this condition can be managed, allowing the quality of life to be restored.    

Contact Our Team

Here at Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos’ office, our team wants to keep patients as healthy as possible. If you like more information on how chiropractic care can help with scoliosis, be sure to contact us today.



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