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Spend the Holidays with Good Health


Constant back pain is something millions of Americans suffer from. With the holidays just around the corner, your back pain can end up ruining your fun. Rather than looking for a quick fix, why not make some changes to your everyday life for better results? Try improving your health sooner rather than later by making some minor changes to your everyday routine. We’re going to discuss some helpful tips and exercises you can try to help make spinal health your top priority. Don’t let your back pain ruin the holiday season, be proactive, and work towards bettering your health with the following ideas. 


Everyday tips for a healthy back

Taking care of our backs is something we need to focus on every single day. While you may not realize it, there are so many minor things we do each day that can cause back pain. Luckily we have a few tips to help relieve your pain. Take note to the following tips on how to keep your spine healthy:



Exercises to try

Regular exercise can help add stability to your spine while also increasing flexibility, strengthening muscles, and reducing the chance of re-injury. Knowing the right exercises to help strengthen your spine can be a huge help for back pain relief. Here are a few easy exercises you can do at the gym or at home:



Knowing the proper techniques for better spinal health are extremely important. Don’t let your back pain prevent you from spending the holidays with your family and friends. Take matters into your own hands by making spinal health your top priority.

Dr. Jack Zangara