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With the days getting longer and flowers starting to once again bloom, spring is an exciting time for many.  However, for others, the beginning of a new season can signify a return in their lower back pain. The link between weather and back pain has long been discussed within the medical community.  As our resident chiropractor, Dr. Sophia Argeropous would like to shed some light on this connection, and also discuss the forms of treatment we offer should lower back pain become present in your life.

Changes In Temperature

While the latter half of spring brings along warmer weather, the earlier portion can be quite volatile.  Temperatures can rise and fall drastically, leading to an array of health issues taking place. An increase in back pain is but one of these problems.  When the body becomes cold, your muscles and joints get stiff and rigid, which makes moving around a painful and difficult task. The sometimes extreme fluctuations of temperature in the early portion of spring can lead to stiffness constantly coming and going, causing increased amounts of pain.        

Rain And Back Pain

Temperature is not the only aspect of the weather that can bring about pain.  Either you or a loved one may have once said that they feel increased amounts of discomfort when a storm is approaching.  But how can this be possible? One theory is that barometric pressure plays a direct role in this. Storms occur when there are changes to an area’s barometric pressure.  Some believe that these changes cause the tissues of your body to expand and contract, leading to people experiencing pain when a storm is approaching.  

Chiropractic Care

Although the exact link between back pain and weather is still up for debate, the negative effects back pain can have on your quality of life is not.  As a pillar of support for the rest of your body, when the integrity of your back becomes compromised, issues can arise. Fortunately, through chiropractic care, our team can help you find the relief you desperately need.  By receiving the below techniques, your condition may be improved:

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Back pain always needs to be taken care of right away, no matter the cause.  Whether it be due to the weather or an injury, Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos and the rest of our team will be there for you.  When you need treatment for back pain, make sure we’re your first call.

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