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Is Ice or Heat Better For Neck Pain?

on : September 15, 2021 comments : (Comments Off on Is Ice or Heat Better For Neck Pain?)

Did you know September is National Pain Awareness Month? Neck pain can interfere with your sleep, daily activities and lower your overall quality of life. When it comes to treatment, many options are depending on the cause and severity of your injury. If you are searching for an experienced chiropractor in Setauket, Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos is near you! 

Treatment Options for Neck Pain

There are several at-home treatment options available for mild neck pain to increase your mobility and treat the pain on your own. In more severe cases, seeking professional help from a chiropractor in Setauket may be necessary. Here are some examples of treatment options you can do to start feeling better today!

  • Gently massaging the neck. 
  • Light stretching exercises for increased mobility. 
  • Short term immobilization to take pressure off the structure of the neck.
  • Over the counter pain-relieving medications.

In addition to these methods, applying ice and heat to the neck is a great way to relieve pain!

Hot vs. Cold

Applying ice and heat to the neck can be beneficial in treating the injury. A good question many people ask is which option works better? The answer, both! Ice can be used immediately after an injury to reduce pain and swelling. To treat a strained muscle, heat can be used to soothe the area. Here is how it’s done:

  • Ice It – The first step is to apply a cooling agent to the area. Using either an ice pack, bag of ice, or even a bag of frozen peas, apply the cool compress to the affected area for 15 minutes at a time. This process can be repeated every 3-4 hours.
  • Apply the Heat – After the ice, it’s time to turn up the heat! Heating pads and warm baths or showers can be used to help loosen up the tight muscles and improve stiffness. Heat can be applied to the injured area for up to 20 minutes at a time and then off for at least 40 minutes.

Contact a Chiropractor in Setauket!

Don’t let neck pain and stiffness get in the way of your daily life. At-home treatment methods are a great way to start easing pain and feeling better. If you are experiencing new or worsening symptoms, a chiropractor in Setauket can give you pain relief today! To schedule an appointment, call or visit our website and get the professional help you need!



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