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Can A Chiropractor Help With Knee Pain?

on : December 26, 2020 comments : (Comments Off on Can A Chiropractor Help With Knee Pain?)

When people think of chiropractors, the first thing that likely comes to mind is treating back-related issues. While these are the majority of problems that our chiropractor in Setauket helps patients with, they are not the only ones. Patients visit our team at Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos’ office for various reasons. Can a chiropractor help someone dealing with knee pain? The answer may surprise you.

Common Causes Of Knee Pain

To understand if our chiropractor in Setauket can help with knee pain, we must first discuss some of the common causes of this issue. The knees bear a majority of your body weight, meaning they can be put under large amounts of strain at times. Problems within these areas can make movement feel impossible, which is why treatment should always be sought right away. Some examples of what can cause knee pain may include the following:

  • Limited range of motion in the hips.
  • Tightness in the lower back.
  • Misalignment of the joint.

When To Receive Chiropractic Care For Knee Pain?

If your knee pain is caused by one of the previously mentioned issues and not an acute injury, our chiropractor in Setauket can help with treatment. In some cases, knee pain will only last a few days before dissipating on its own. In these scenarios, professional treatment is not needed. However, if you notice the below issues are taking place, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment with our team right away:

  • Increased swelling of the knee.
  • Limited range of motion. 
  • Inability to complete everyday activities.
  • Knee issues are accompanied by back or hip tightness.

How Chiropractic Care Will Help 

Now that you know our chiropractor in Setauket can help treat your knee pain, it’s time to discuss how this is done. Depending on what is causing the issue, different methods can be administered. For example, if swelling and inflammation is the culprit, our team can administer massage therapy around the area to help you find relief. If hip or back tightness is to blame, chiropractic adjustments can promote your body’s proper alignment, eliminating your knee pain. We want our patients to trust that your problem can be resolved when you come to us for care.

Schedule An Appointment

Patients who have been unable to relieve their knee pain with more traditional treatment methods should consider scheduling an appointment with our chiropractor in Setauket. When working with our team, you’ll receive treatment methods that have not been tried yet, allowing you to find much-needed relief. To learn more about how chiropractic care can help with knee pain, contact our team at Dr. Sophia Argeropoulos’ office today!



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